timewheel-­oracle for feminist politics of complexity  2016-

conceptualised and presented by Künstler_innengruppe WORMS
shown parallel in the framework of the exhibition New Buenos Aires at Corner College Zürich Juni 2016 and on vimeo
curated by Dimitrina Sevova and Damian Christinger


A recurring transmission of a shared memory summoned from deep space and time.

A transtemporal approach to memories, predictions and dreams of different worms members from the future, past and present.

A re­occuring assembly of future­ghosts, mouses, turning subjects, powerfull plants, documents and rhinos, a glimpse of a place.


On selcted times the wormsartistcollective will transmit a repeated and extended recollection of future/past/present­material of the wormsartistcollective using the visual and auditive aid of fragments and sequences of the future, the past and the present of some individuals of worms in one’s specific time­context. The rotating future­past­present wheel accompaigned by a live­spoken text will help to bring memories, dreams and predictions together in search of bindings and links through time and space and with a firm intention to make them present.

The timewheel­oracle will be (re­)activated on specific dates. These events (1 minute-­rotations) will be broadcasted to Corner College and be visible on an ipad/laptop­screen and on vimeo parallel.
The broadcast will act as a call to joint memory, acknowledging the past, present and future in its message and its repetition. This unrehearsed repeated channeling will mimic time, imprint a memory of a transtemporal place and be a gesture towards a collective déja vu.

Transmission dates
8rd June ­ midday
11th June ­ midnight
14th June13th June­ midnight
25th June ­ midday
26th June ­ midnight
27th June midday

next dates to be announced here and there!
on vimeo



Unterstützt durch die Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt