How to sing in the midst of the capitalization of art: the desirable table of Josefine. An orientation device
2017. table, heavy cotton canvas, paper.


Saman Anabel Sarabi and Josefine Reisch have drafted their own orientation device to orient themselves through the cliffs and institutions, waters and archives, mountains and walls, cities and channels, forests and schools, finally through the horizontalities and flatnesses of 2017. Extending, stretching and flipping the semi-autobiographical short story of Franz Kafka titled Josefine die Sängerin oder das Volk der Mäuse they use their rather specific orientation device to articulate questions on the autonomy of art in our time within which the capitalization of art has been already fully articulated. Through the perspective and voice of Josefine and with the help of her device they will put urgent questions on the table in the near future, starting at Corner College on 24 February 2017.


within the framework of the group exhibition project Theorem 4. Aesthetic Agency and the Practices of Autonomy. Part II: Der Prozess / The Trial curated by Dimitrina Sevova and Alan Roth @ Corner College


fri 24th feb 2017, 7 pm:  OPENING:
sat 25th feb 2017, 5pm:
artist talk/conversation between the artists Robert Estermann, Jakob Jakobsen, Jso Maeder, Saman Anabel Sarabi & Josefine Reisch and the curators Dimitrina Sevova and Alan Roth
19th march 2017, 4 pm: HIGH TIMES AT CORNER COLLEGE
with a small reading out of the book Josefine (Saman Anabel Sarabi and Josefine Reisch) and a special high time music set by Stefan Wegmüller. Some tea, gin and masquerades.

Corner College Zürich
Kochstrasse 1
8004 Zürich